Are We On The Cusp Of A Corvette Rat Rod Trend?

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For the second time this year, we’re seeing a C4 Corvette gutted and perverted into something terrible. I mean, terribly awesome. Are we at the early stages of a Vette rat-rodding trend?

Our friends at DuneTV caught up with this character somewhere in Michigan, where he explained that the car was built with $1,800 and parts he had lying around the garage. What might be even more impressive is that the dude appears to be planning to drive the thing from Detroit to North Carolina.


The engine is from a 1998 Tahoe SUV, made to run a carburetor, with an automatic swapped for a manual, odds and ends from a handful of other cars, and really very little Corvette left side from the frame and wheels.

The builder cites the rat kings of Roadkill as an inspiration, because of course. As far as I can tell hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan were pioneers of the “hack up a C4 Corvette and turn it into a beater hot rod” concept, going all the way back to some Hot Rod magazine articles. And you might remember, their mutilated C4 actually ran pretty darn well, even off-road.

The man behind this particular hack-and-slash Vette simply says–“it just makes sense.” I don’t know what kind of superfly shit is sprinkled into all that Faygo he’s drinking but I wonder what color the sky is in the universe where stripping a sports car into a go-cart and driving halfway across the country “makes sense.”

Actually I’m glad this kind of brazen inventiveness is still strong in the car community. And I do support the removal of large parts of your car whenever possible.


Anyway it’s probably only a matter of time before one of my bosses makes me drive a high-horsepower scrapheap like this for your entertainment I should probably keep my mouth shut about builds like this.

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