Are Toll Roads the Solution to California's Transit Woes?

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Uncle Bumbeck was the first of two Jalops to make the jump from the East Bay to Southern California. When Davey G. followed a couple of years later, he said, "Well, cool! We can hang out."


"No, admonished Wise Elder Bumbeck, we won't. Nobody goes anywhere in LA. They find their little corner of it and never leave."

Sadly, this has proven true. Uncle Bumbeck and Davey G., despite being tight bros from way back when, have seen each other roughly five times in the last year. We are shuddering at the prospect of asking out a girl who lives a mere 15 miles south on the 405, when we used to willingly drive 45 miles for a date without a second thought. Los Angeles traffic is that bad. So what's the solution? Could it be HOT lanes?


"HOT" stands for "High Occupancy Toll," which basically means that HOV lanes would be open to single-occupant drivers if they were willing to pay a fee. We left-coast types are notoriously opposed to tolls, while ye of the Eastern Seaboard live with them on a daily basis. Cali drivers: thoughts? Yankee drivers: finger-pointing, snorting and giggling?

Life in HOT lane toll for too many cars [Daily Bulletin]

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No Kids Just Bikes

Having just moved to SoCal from the Philthiest of Delphias, I am skeptical if this would work. If the toll were reasonable enough for joe six pack to afford the HOT lane would become another line of gridlock. If it were expensive enough to be effective we would see an equal number of Lambos and Bentleys mixed in with the carpoolers as we sat in line with the masses.

Riding a motorcycle has been the only decent solution, but you have to ride like every other person on the road is trying to kill you. Makes the morning commute substantially more exciting.