The Noah's Ark of untouched supercars we identified yesterday as belonging to the Sultan of Brunei may actually be in Singapore, despite being sold by some Kiwis.


Yesterday, we told you about a giant collection of rare supercars that were never driven or registered. We speculated the cars once belonged to the Sultan of Brunei and then gifted to his playboy brother Prince Jefri.

Now we've discovered that many of the rare cars in question showed up at the birthday party of global luxury car broker Hong Seh Motors in Singapore. This makes some sense because, though the seller of the cars lists payment amounts in New Zealand Dollars, they said the cars were being held in a garage/s in a secure location "outside New Zealand."

So why do we think the cars are still the Sultan's? Some Ferrari fanatics at the FerrariChat forum tracked the dispersion of some of the Sultan's 11 Testarossa Spyders from his collection to Hong Seh. And there's another post over at ClubSnap where someone claims the cars were purchased by Hong Seh as far back as 1998.


This leads us to believe many of the cars did originate in the Brunei's collection, though it's possible some other cars are mixed in there. Unfortuantely, this also leads us to believe they've been stored by TWO owners and never driven. Someone, please buy these cars and free them. (Hat tip to James!)


[Photo Credit: SGCarMart]

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