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Are The End Times Upon Us? Yugo GV For $14,500!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I'm coming out of NPOCP retirement for this one; sure, Graverobber's being doing a helluva job, but after reading The Rise And Fall Of The Worst Car In History, I feel compelled to put this dilemma to a vote.


Reader Patrick can take the credit— or blame, if you prefer— for tipping us about this astonishingly original Yugo GV in Nevada. It's like a time machine back to pre-NATO-bombing Kragujevac, Serbia, with its "SPORT" decals and tape stripes, beige paint, and gleaming plastic tan interior. Consider this: 1,826 miles! Did something break a few weeks after rolling out of the Yugo showroom and the owner gave up on the car? Has it been preserved for the day when it would be worth a staggering 14-and-a-half grand in genuine American dollars? Is it worth a staggering 14-and-a-half grand? You tell us!

[Auto Collections]; here's the full text of the ad, in case it disappears:

1987 Yugo GV Sport
Chassis# VX1BA1215HK348881
1,826 Original Miles!
The Yugo was vigorously marketed in the late 1980s as a car that would fit into everybody's life, providing basic economical and reliable transportation along the lines of the Volkswagen Beetle and the earlier Ford Model T. The car was promoted as a uniquely affordable new vehicle providing an option for buyers who would otherwise have chosen a used vehicle and as a reliable second car for wealthier buyers. The Yugo carried the tagline "Everybody Needs A Yugo Sometime. This marketing appealed successfully to its target market of low-budget new car buyers, as well as wealthier people looking for an affordable second or third car. A popular ad included the 39-90 campaign, a play on the $3,990 price of the car.