Are the Dodges Homophobes?

So there's been some debate raging back 'n' forth as to whether Dodge's "Too Tough" ad for the Caliber is homophobic or not. "Warum?" the Deutsch among you may ask? Well, it has to do with a fairy who likes to make things cute and dreamy. (The fairy, by the way, is mad hot — dear Fairy Actress, simply e-mail us and we'll buy you dinner, take you out for a night on the town and show you how roomy the back of our Dodge is with the seats folded down.)


Unfortunately, although she can apparently turn urban blight into a reasonable facsimile of the Big Rock Candy Mountain, she can't seem to tart up the Caliber and winds up getting heckled by Chumpy McChumperson himself. In frustration, she turns him into an Izod-clad preppy with fruity mini-pups.

And thus, the question is raised — is it a bit of tongue and cheek juxtaposition, or is it something more insidious. Given the known gay quotient in the ad industry, we're gonna say it's the former. And after all, anyone who's ever been shouted down in a hail of anti-gay epithets by homophobic bro-hams simply for walking down to the bodega while wearing a bright orange H sker D shirt would love to see said assholes turned into their own worst bent-over-and-lubed-up nightmare. We're thinking the spot was created with that kind of wish fulfillment in mind.

That said, we're not quite sure that the Caliber's entirely butch. Especially without AWD available on the upcoming SRT4. We've got a test coming up. We'll let you know how many assholes in Fords (they're always in Fords) call us "fag" during the course of our drive.

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