Are Bold Moves No Longer Happening Every Day At Ford?

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After taking another peek at the mulletgasmic commercial for the Ford Taurus we showed yesterday we realized it was missing something we've come to expect on all FoMoCo commercials as of late. To wit, where were the "Bold Moves?" Although the reduction in importance began with the pseudo-"Pepsi Challenge" ad campaign for the Ford Fusion. But even in those, there was a token B.M. placed at the end of the ad. But with this commercial, the ad slogan at the center of the most ambiguous motorized marketing messaging campaign in recent history (at least since "Hyundai. Yes, Hyundai.") appears to be quite noticeably missing. Wherefore have thou gone, sweet movement of boldness? Could it be Ford is no longer making "Bold Moves?" Maybe it's just that they're no longer happening every day in Dearborn. We're not sure, but we know one thing — if "Bold Moves" is gone, what's to take its place?


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