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At Detroit's auto show, partying too much to worry about the future — Motoramic

Do automakers just not get it? Or do they really get it?

"How did you like the auto show?" I asked the young German who was lounging by the hotel fire. We were waiting for our shuttle. I figured football was going to be outside his small-talk scope of interest.

Detroit's Gonna Drive a Corvette Over a Cliff — Bloomberg


More auto show musings.

Detroit, as the locals never tire of saying, is back. After several years of uncharacteristic self-awareness and restraint following the auto bailout, domestic automakers returned the annual North American Auto Show to classic form this year, with a display that would not have been out of place in the heyday of the Motor City.

The internet of bees could save our food supply — Quartz


This has literally nothing to do with cars. I just thought it was interesting.

Australian scientists have devised a way to pinpoint the causes of the global die-off of bees that pollinate a third of the world's crops: Attach tiny sensors to 5,000 honey bees, and follow where they fly.