It’s been a while since we’ve seen Apple’s modified minivans, and that’s because they’re on the move, slowing winding their way into the middle of America.

Jalop reader Sentinelist caught one of the Chrysler minivans in the Dallas suburb of Coppell, Texas outfitted with the same array of hardware as we’ve seen before, including cameras, LIDAR, and wheels sensors.

When the first photos surfaced the original speculation was Apple was working on something to improve its Maps app, possibly with more granular data and a new take on Google Street View.


Since then, of course, it’s been Apple Car Madness, as the company hoovers up automotive experts from everyone from Ford to Tesla to battery engineers, in a mysterious project that could see Apple putting some kind of vehicle project into production as early as 2020. Or not.


UPDATE: And So. Cal., apparently:

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