Apple Is Reportedly Continuing Work On A Car Program, But Not Like Before

Graphic credit Jason Torchinsky
Graphic credit Jason Torchinsky

Apple totally has a car program you guys. Stop teasing it. It’s just in, uh, Canada. And it’s not like how it was before.


We’ve reported before on how Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ dissolved as a total shitshow, ending any thought of a genuine Apple Car. Cars are a multi-trillion dollar industry, but it has proven extremely difficult to break into. Apple might have had great success moving in on the phone market years ago, but apparently its car project, started back in 2014, faced “an incredible failure of leadership,” according to a previous report from Bloomberg. Making cars, as it turns out, is hard.

Bloomberg has built off of that previous reporting and now states in a new report that while Apple may have nixed its car program in its previous form, it has, however, set about working on an automotive “software core” at their offices in Ottawa. Maybe Apple is just focusing on something that has higher profit margins. Maybe it’s just focusing on something that’s not quite so difficult as auto manufacturing and design.

Bloomberg claims that Apple is using virtual reality simulators to re-create self-driving situations. Furthermore, the Canadian operation has hired up two dozen BlackBerry employees, including Dan Dodge, who was CEO of BlackBerry’s automotive software division, QNX.

Bloomberg’s original report goes further and notes that Apple’s Canadian offices are a five-minute walk from QNX, and it sure seems like Apple is continuing to work on controlling the software in your car, rather than trying to construct and sell you an entire vehicle whole hog. Maybe watching LeEco struggle with that agenda helped inspire Apple to work on what it knows, rather than fight to control the whole system.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



They hired Blackberry employees? Trollololol.