Anybody Want To Buy A Bridge In Indiana?

The 75-year-old, 1,781-foot-long, 9-span, iron truss bridge spanning the busy rail yards of Hammond, Indiana is scheduled for replacement. The state is looking for someone to take it off their hands. The catch? You have to preserve it.


Since 1935 the Route 152 bridge over the Gibson RR yard has ferried traffic over the trains below, but these days it's getting tired. INDOT has decided a replacement is in order for 2014 but given the bridge's long run, it's something of a historical landmark so they're hoping to get the public's help in preserving it. It's one of 45 outmoded bridges being offered up for other uses and preservation as part of the state's Historic Bridge Marketing Program. Anyone who wants a bridge can submit a proposal for dismantling, transporting, and reassembly or reuse and if approved would be reimbursed up to 80% of the total cost. The rub is whoever takes one has to make at least a portion of it accessible to the public and maintain it for 25 years.

Could also be the greatest single present ever for that Erector set enthusiast in your life. (Thanks for the tip Dad! No, really, my Dad's an Indiana State Bridge Inspector) [NMITimes, Bridge Details]

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