Anti-Iran Group Goes Nuclear Over J. Lo Fiat Ads

Fiat's disastrous Jennifer Lopez ad campaign just got worse. A political group's claiming that, in addition to pretending to go home in a car that kept breaking down, J. Lo indirectly supports Iran's nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses. Just watch the video.


The organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) released this video, which is less parody than an outright implication that the performer is responsible for Iran hanging gay people by her taking money from Fiat.

Fiat does sell cars to Iran. They also sell them trucks through Fiat-owned Iveco (and there's evidence these trucks are used to transport missiles).

Because Fiat has a relationship with Iran and Lopez is now the public face of the brand here in the United States, UANI is targeting her to disavow Fiat and return the blood-stained dollars or get them to stop dealing with Iran. Here's their request:

The international community is taking steps to economically isolate Iran's brutal regime, and companies around the world continue to pull out of Iran or scale back their work. But not Fiat—it irresponsibly continues to work with an Iranian regime that oppresses its own people, sponsors terrorists, and pursues a nuclear weapon.

Now, Fiat wants to expand its business in the United States, and has hired one of America's most prominent celebrities to promote its business. American consumers do not welcome this. Ms. Lopez should take steps to ensure the end of Fiat's business in Iran, as highlighted in this video, or end her lucrative financial relationship with the company. We call on all Americans to boycott Fiat's products until it ends its business in Iran.


Blah, blah, blah Jennifer Lopez is a monster that must be stopped. Look how she laughs and sings as they beat protestors. Why, oh why, is she so cruel?

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