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Another Top Executive Left Faraday Future Just Before Its Big Unveiling

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A number of executives from the highest levels of Faraday Future have voluntarily left the company in recent weeks, the latest of them is Greg Adams, Head of Corporate Strategy, as multiple sources close to the situation confirmed to Jalopnik today.

Adams was one of Faraday’s top executives and top legacy hires, coming from Ferrari like Marco Mattiacci. Adams, as our sources explain, left two weeks before CES, at the tail end of 2016. Mattiacci also left Faraday Future only weeks ago.


Adams declined to comment when reached today.

Here is how Faraday Future described Adams’ significant level of involvement with the company:

An international business leader, Greg helps formulate and drive FF’s corporate direction. He is currently overseeing our comprehensive business plan and strategic initiatives, in addition to heading our Product Portfolio team. Greg joined FF from Ferrari, where he served as Director of Marketing & Brand Experience.


An incomplete list of departures over the past few months include:

  • James Chen - General Counsel and VP Governmental Affairs
  • David Wisneiski - Finance Director
  • Syed Rahman - Operations Controller
  • Robert Filipovic - Head of Product Strategy
  • Stacy Morris - Head of Public Relations
  • Sarah Ashton - Associate Director Governmental Affairs
  • Ding Lei - “Acting CEO”
  • Marco Mattiacci - Chief Brand and Commercial Officer
  • Joerg Sommer - Vice President for Product Marketing and Growth
  • Greg Adams - Head of Corporate Strategy

It is troubling to see a continuing trend of voluntary departures at Faraday Future, particularly just on the eve of the company’s grand showing at the Consumer Electronics Show.