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Nissan is bringing another Juke with another set of tracks to the Tokyo Auto Salon. Japan’s second-largest international automaker first applied the tracks-as-talking-point tactic with the Juke back in 2016 with the Juke Nismo

RSnow (below). It’s an aging platform that has nothing new to bring to the table, and Nissan is attempting to get some eyeballs without investing too much money.


If this tactic sounds familiar, it is. They did the same with the 370Z at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year with the 370Zki “concept” car.


This time they’re calling the Juke with tracks the Personalization Adventure Concept. It’s got wide fender flares, a roof rack, an LED light bar, and some green accents to make it stand out in a crowd.


The Juke is dead here in the U.S. market, but it lives on in other parts of the world. Is this enough to spark some sales for Nissan? It certainly caught enough of my attention to write about it.

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