Another Ford Mustang Crashes Peeling Out Of A Cars And Coffee And It's Not Pretty

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Screenshot: Sky1 (YouTube)

Owners of the Ford Mustang—the car that democratized V8 power in the U.S.—have been terrorizing Cars and Coffees with their peel-out antics for years. One of the latest incidents is a nasty crash in North Carolina.


This went down on Sunday at the Cars and Coffee in Knightdale, North Carolina, a town whose police department described the Ford Mustang incident to me via email, saying: “Accelerating from traffic light on Knightdale Boulevard. Pushed the gas, lost control, overcorrected and overturned.”

The results were disastrous for the car, though luckily, police say nobody was injured:

At about 26:10 in the above video, posted by YouTuber Sky1, a black Ford Mustang GT can be seen and heard roaring its 5.0-liter V8 motor around a turn onto a main road. The tail-end of the car then whips out, the driver loses control, and the Mustang ends up in the ditch that is the grassy median. Upside-down.

Dust fills the air and large chunks of lawn are strewn into the oncoming lanes. Children and adults, some with phones in their hands, run across the road to help and to record the wreckage. Luckily, though the scene looks pretty nasty with the Mustang on its roof and dirt and grass trapped in the wheels (the front two of which assume an extreme “toe-in” orientation), the driver gets out of the car apparently unscathed.

The video then cuts to the sports coupe after it had been flipped back onto its wheels, showing a severely damaged fender, door, roof, and windshield. But the Mustang driver has more to worry about than just the state of the car, as he was also given a “ticket for careless and reckless [driving]” according to police.

I won’t say I’ve never broken tires loose and had a bit of fun on public roads, especially in the winter, because that’d be a lie. But doing it outside of rural farm roads and especially around a large crowd of people, on a road flanked by ditches, and with such a heavy foot just isn’t smart. But of course, that’s obvious—a Ford Mustang wound up on its roof, after all.

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