Another 500: New Ford Ka Spied

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With the Fiat 500 getting all the media attention, accolades and kisses from Italian supermodels, we almost feel bad for the new Ford Ka. After all, the mini sister ship to the 500 will be a far less-fashionable progeny of the Ford-Fiat small-car alliance. The UK's Car says the Ka will arrive at the Paris Auto Show in 2008, so there's still time for a big ad campaign, parties sponsored by global vodka brands and a mess of branded accessories. But it'll never have the 500s history, and thus likely become just another minicar parked on a European street designed for quarter horses. C'est la vie. [Car]

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Mike Spinelli

@rognbrow: Careful with AE's loose text. Those undisguised pics are just predictive illustrations by auto art shop Poblete.