Annoy Your Neighbors With the Project Car Hell Song!

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It occurred to us that what our beloved readers really need is a special song to play while they're snapping off bolt heads and adding new scar tissue to their knuckles during bouts of Project Car Hell punishment in the garage. Something that sounds just about right blaring from a treble-centric WD-40-spattered boombox in a shed lit by yellow bug lights and full of the scent of Bondo and burning money. So we dragooned our musician friend Jack Astro, rounded up Belvedere Adrian, and a new band was born: Jack Astro & the Asscrackistanis! Play it loud! Louder! And any of you who want to download the MP3 to play when you're not at the computer, here ya go! It's a .zip, because my creaky old Pentium II webserver in the crawlspace can't cope with attempts to stream an MP3.