Angry Range Rover Driver Repeatedly Smashes Into A Jaguar In Dispute Over Money

In China, a beautiful dark purple Jaguar XJ blocked a Range Rover Evoque from an exit, leaving the SUV’s driver with only once choice: to repeatedly bash the luxury sedan out of the way in a loud, chaotic spectacle that will bring tears to your eyes.

A woman in a Range Rover Evoque pounded into a Jaguar in the Chinese city of Xiamen after the Jag’s driver blocked the SUV in, People’s Daily, China reports on its Facebook page.

Apparently, the SUV driver’s mother was having “financial disputes” with the Jag owner, and the Jag driver tried blocking the SUV from leaving a parking lot. It turned out, that wasn’t a great idea, as the woman in the Evoque overcame the gorgeous Jaguar obstacle by simply crashing into it repeatedly until a path was cleared.


The violence between two beautiful automotive siblings is just a sad thing to watch:

The Chinese newspaper reports that the woman behind the wheel of the SUV fled the scene, but that Xiamen police eventually caught up with her, later confirming that the financial dispute between the driver’s mom and the Jag owner was “related to a fraud case,” and that an investigation is underway.

This all just seems like a petty dispute with a really childish conclusion, but hopefully that Jag just needs a new door and a fresh quarter panel so that it can once again grace the world’s streets with its beauty.

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Sure, the Jaguar driver was an asshat for blocking the Range Rover, but the Ranger Rover driver was a bigger asshat for continually ramming the Jag. That was hard to watch.