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Angry Locals Dole Out Mob Justice To Aussie Hoons

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tired of having their streets terrorized by teenage hoons, residents of Edmonton, Australia have taken to tracking the perpetrators down and publicly shaming them. The angry neighbors have been recording the registration numbers of the hoons in order to locate their homes. Since most are still living with their parents (thereby saving money for new parts for their Utes), the mobs demand the parents drag their spawn out to the street in order for a serious "Come to Jesus" meeting. Though police have been attempting to seize and destroy as many illegally modified and driven vehicles as possible, it isn't enough for these locals. What has driven them so crazy? In addition to the usual loud noise, high speeds and long black stripes that come with hoonage, locals complain about having to constantly replace fences.

Tramway maintenance worker Sid Shepherd lives at nearby Ravizza Drive and said hoons had crashed into his fence and yard seven times in the past five years. "One time, we had just had it fixed and within an hour, it was knocked out again," Mr Shepherd said.

Public shaming is great and all but we're still holding out for real Australian justice to take the day. [Source/Photo:]