Angry Detroit woman smashes Cadillac with folding chair

Perhaps inspired by Jazmine Sullivan's jilted-woman vandal anthem, this woman decided to bust the windows out of the Cadillac DeVille of someone close to her. Someone she lovingly refers to as "you bitch ass punk."


Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the video tagged it with copyrighted music so you'll have to go to his YouTube page to see it.

But it's worth it, if only because the cameraman was nice enough to record the Detroit Police leaving the scene before the violence starts. And who is that guy in the background? Is he the "bitch ass punk?" So many wonderful questions to answer.


Ben Roethlisberger would no doubt be proud to see a Steelers fan take out her aggression on an innocent victim and seemingly get away with it.

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Rob Emslie

Did anyone notice the guy with the second folding chair on the grassy knoll to the right?