Angry Christian Bale To Play Angry Enzo Ferrari In New Biopic

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According to Variety, Enzo Ferrari will be portrayed by Batman in an upcoming biopic. That’s right: Christian Bale has signed on to play the Italian automaker’s hot-tempered namesake founder.

Bale seems to have been typecast as an angry dude lately, but he’s great at pitching a good ol’ fashioned fit. Of course I’d love to see him get angry about racing and beautiful sportscars.

An earlier report listed Robert DeNiro as playing Enzo, however, it also said that that it will cover a period of time from 1945 through the mid-1980s. Road & Track confirms that DeNiro is on a separate project from Bale’s film.


Variety, however, describes the Michael Mann-directed film that Bale will star in as taking place in the 1950s, and focus on the rise of Ferrari as the ultimate luxury status symbol.

Pfffft. Whatever. Bring us the dude who’s just making road cars to fund his racing team who we all know and love. If they’re focusing on the road cars too much, they’re doing it wrong.

Ask yourselves, production crew: what would Enzo do?

The idea of a Ferrari movie has been in the works forever. Per Variety, this script was originally scheduled for a 2004 release date. Time to get on with it, then—just so long as it’s done right.


With two different Enzo Ferrari movies in production at once, which one will be the better movie? Personally, I’m looking forward to the longer take, but who am I kidding? I’ll probably see both.

Update: Road & Track reports that there are actually two different Enzo biopics in production at the moment. This post has been edited to clarify that.


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Enzo Ferrari sounded like a real piece of shit in person, from everything I’ve read about him.

But thanks to him, we have Lamborghini.