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One of the reasons we've been so hard on GM's Buick division as of late is that we once loved it so. The classic '50s porthole cars, the ridiculously sexy '60s Rivs, the pure, unadulterated awesomeness of the '70 GS, and of course the question-my-blackness-and-I'll-bunch-your-fucking-eye-out Grand National and GNX, which took the humble G-Body platform to spooled-up stratospheric heights of Saturday-nights-on-the-strip coolness. We sold our '70 Skylark eight years ago, and there's not a day that goes by that we don't miss that car. But here, friends, is a reason to find yourself a T-Type and get wrenching.

TA Performance, long stalwarts of Buick V8 enhnacement, has released an aluminum Buick V6 block designed to handle some serious power. Add a couple of turbos, and this sucker'll make 700 streetable horsepower. Built by Kenny Duttweiler, the stroked mill displaces 265 cubic inches and weighs a mere 300 lbs — and that's including the turbocharger. Hell, a year ago, we were pushing 250, and a turbo Buick motor pumps out a lot more power per ounce than a fat Davey G. Now somebody find us a G-Body ElCo to stick this thing in. The Cannonball will never know what hit it.

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