Andy Pilgrim Forced To Have Harvest Celebration Without General Motors

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Longtime face of General Motors’ racing efforts and Andy Lally lookalike Andy Pilgrim will be searching for a new ride, reports Racer. Pilgrim won’t be driving the ATS-V.R in Pirelli World Challenge again next year.

It’s been a long and fruitful run for Pilgrim driving GM’s best cars. With teammate Johnny O’Connell, Pilgrim helped develop Cadillac Racing’s Pirelli World Challenge team into a powerhouse, first with the CTS-V.R, and then with the ATS-V.R they have now.

Pilgrim told Racer:

I can confirm I won’t be driving a Cadillac for GM next year. 15 years is a long time for any relationship, and I’m so very thankful for all we achieved together. I have nothing other than positive thoughts to share about my time with GM, in the Corvette Racing team, with Cadillac, and everything we’ve done together for so long.


Now he’s looking for a new ride, both in PWC as well as in the IMSA series—both of which make sense, given Pilgrim’s previous experience racing for Corvette Racing on the endurance side. He told Racer:

I haven’t had much time to look around, so I’m just starting to look at what’s out there for me to drive. I’ve been making calls and I hope to hear from teams who might want a driver with an FIA Silver rating in IMSA, and I’d still love to race in the Pirelli World Challenge series. There’s still a lot of gas left in my tank.

Ah, Silver: the golden egg of FIA driver rankings. Here’s a seasoned pro with an allegedly “amateur” driver ranking. Teams with open spots, attack!

Please, remember a Pilgrim who’s actually worth celebrating this holiday. Won’t someone get this man a ride?


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Bman76 (no it doesn't need a WS6 hood) M. Arch

Nooooo! Andy Pilgrim is my favorite PWC driver. His first gen CTS-V.R got me into GT racing. I even have that car in scale. Hope he finds a good team for next season.