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Just after 1:30 a.m. Sunday, five men were killed in a brutal crash in Ontario, Cal. The local ABC affiliate noted that a 2005 Nissan Sentra ran a red light, "lost control and hit a wall along the west side of Haven Avenue, coming to rest in the rear yard of a house."

Four victims were declared dead at the scene. When you look at that picture atop this post, it's remarkable that they were even able to take the fifth to a nearby hospital in a failed life-saving effort.

There are multi-fatality car crashes often, so why has this one garnered international attention in the days since? Well, I can only tell you why I posted about it on my site Sunday afternoon.

One of the passengers was a 21-year-old man by the name of Ervin McKinness. Twitter chatter leaned toward McKinness as being a decent guy. McKinness went by @ink2flashyy on Twitter, and he was actively Tweeting as the five made their way home from a party in a nearby town.

But then, for obvious reasons, the Tweets stopped.

McKinness' third-to-last Tweet read, "Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO."

Then, after typing, "Driving tweeting sipping the cup fuck yolo I'm turning it up," his life ended in a spectacularly violent crash. So, yes, this has become proof positive that Y do, in fact, OLO. (Initially, word was that Ink2Flashyy was actually driving/drifting/drinking while typing. He wasn't.) Shame, too, because as one of driver Jonathan Watson's friends (Maranda Purpura) Tweeted to me last night, "though he made a terrible choice, it doesnt make him a bad person. He was an amazing person."


This has got to be a tough one for survivors to deal with. Wish them the best.

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