And the Winner Is...

How many times has the 24 Hours of LeMons ripped out the hearts of Nissan Z lovers? I can think of at least a dozen races in which Zs led or at least contended for the lead... and then disaster!

Not today! Today, after all those blown L28 head gaskets, all those thrown VG30 rods, all those busted brakes and fritzy electrics and obliterated transmissions and every other malady known to Datsun flesh, a Nissan Z Car has taken the overall win in a 24 Hours of LeMons race! The Off Consistantly (sic) team had done pretty well in the past— for a 300ZX— but nobody was expecting them to grab the lead and hold it all day Sunday. Not a single mechanical failure, not one penalty— in fact, zero mistakes of any sort. Just lap after perfect lap, for two straight days. Congratulations, Team Consistantly Off! What's next, a front-wheel-drive Celica win?


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