And the Real Winner Is...

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LeMons racing's highest award, the Index of Effluency, goes to the vehicle that achieves the most from the least. This time we saw a Daihatsu Charade finish 34th and a Plymouth Belvedere finish 33rd... but one car beat them both.

Yes, the King Henry V8th 1984 Cadillac Sedan DeVille managed to blow those two incredible IOE contenders— as well as the 47th-place Fiat 124 Spider— out of the water with its 79th (out of 121) place finish. You see, not only is this Caddy powered by the execrably bad GM HT-4100 V8, not only did it retain its complete dash, not only did it spend the entire weekend with a horrible-sounding screaming transmission pump, but it was driven to the track from Seattle and it's now driving back there as you read this. On top of all that, it's purple. Congratulations, King Henry V8th!

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monkei is not going to link his Jalopnik acct. with f*cking Facebook/Google/etc

Wow. Driving the racecar from Seattle to compete in endurance race in NorCal and back??