And the Real Winner Is...

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Sure sure, some folks get excited about the LeMons car that gets the most laps, but the Index Of Effluency winner gets the real bragging rights. Today, General Motors takes another big win thanks to the Track Pillagerz! Buick LeSabre.

We're not talking about any of your bottom-half-of-the-standings IOEs here; this Buick hung in the top ten for most of the weekend (though they ultimately placed 23rd after some mechanical problems), never broke, and got only one black flag. How quick is it? Check out this video, shot from a hot Corolla FX16 MR2, of the Pillagers! (whose team name, like Yahoo!'s, contains an exclamation point) tearing up Nelson Ledges during the Lamest Day LeMons:

Not only that, (most of) the giant dragon stayed intact all weekend. Congratulations, Track Pillagerz!

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I guarantee he had the smoothest ride to. That 3800 Series II was a smooth engine as well with suprising pep and a while cruising at 80 mph, it could still get 30 mpg. It has to be the best and probably most underrated road trip car ever.