And The REAL Winner Is...

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Sure, some folks will get all excited about some BMW or other, but the real LeMons cognoscenti know the Index Of Effuency is what matters. Congratulations, Black Knight Racing: It's Just A Flesh Wound!


That's right, a British Leyland product has won the coveted IOE! This 1978 Triumph TR7 just kept going around and around and around, received only one black flag all weekend, and suffered from just two major mechanical problems. 46th place, a really cool trophy, and a cool thousand bucks in nickels. Congratulations, Black Knight Racing!

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LeMons and Monty Python references go hand-in-hand like, well, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

(Knights Who Say Ni-ssan, as seen at LeMons NE) #indexofeffluency