And the Living Is Easy: Ai Design's Mobile Living Space

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A couple of months ago, we happened by NY-area bertuner, Ai Design, where the boy geniuses were messing with a late-model Chevy van. It looked plenty stock; the only feature suggesting it wasn't just some dry cleaner's delivery truck was a pancake satellite antenna on the roof, the shadow of a transfer case between the front wheels and hints of a custom interior in the works. Since then, they've completed all the cut-and-sew work, and annointed the van the Mobile Living Space (MLS). The spec sheet reads like a realtor's one-pager: state-of-the art audio and video components; hand upholstered Edelman leather seating; luxury build-ins including a bar and wine cooler. (Oh, and that transfer case belongs to the Quigley four-wheel drive system that's attached to drivetrain, which is motivated by the Chevy's 6.0-liter V8.) The only thing missing is a box of Cubans, a case of Veuve and an "accident bucket." [Gallery]

[via World Car Fans]

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This van was comissioned by a hip-hop mogul as a stealth partay mobile for him and his posse to make the club rounds in NYC. The initial "D" plastered on various surfaces is the big hint to this bad boy's (hint-hint) idenitity. Cost about $300k I believe. Ai does smashing, though not cheap, work.