And the Living Is Easy: Ai Design's Mobile Living Space

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A couple of months ago, we happened by NY-area bertuner, Ai Design, where the boy geniuses were messing with a late-model Chevy van. It looked plenty stock; the only feature suggesting it wasn't just some dry cleaner's delivery truck was a pancake satellite antenna on the roof, the shadow of a transfer case between the front wheels and hints of a custom interior in the works. Since then, they've completed all the cut-and-sew work, and annointed the van the Mobile Living Space (MLS). The spec sheet reads like a realtor's one-pager: state-of-the art audio and video components; hand upholstered Edelman leather seating; luxury build-ins including a bar and wine cooler. (Oh, and that transfer case belongs to the Quigley four-wheel drive system that's attached to drivetrain, which is motivated by the Chevy's 6.0-liter V8.) The only thing missing is a box of Cubans, a case of Veuve and an "accident bucket." [Gallery]

[via World Car Fans]

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