And That's Why You Never String Plastic Wrap Across the Road

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It's winter prank season, and it looks like the urchins of Southern Colorado are going up a level on their end-of-year douchbaggery. This time the plastic-wrap trick cracked a windshield. Next time, it could waste a biker. That's happened before.

As Colorado's KKTV reports, a car was going through an intersection in Colorado Springs, when it struck a line of plastic wrap strung across the road. The driver wasn't hurt, but the impact cracked the car's windshield. Apparently the kids hung around, and when the cops came they admitted perpetrating the caper. All five were served with summonses and released to their parents.

According to, the plastic-wrap roadblock prank (not to be confused with the plastic-wrap wrap prank), isn't funny if the car actually hits the line of plastic wrap—usually strung between two trees. In fact, if you're using enough layers of wrap to actually crack a windshield, you're really doing it wrong. To wit:

A group of us had spent the night at a friend's house that lived out in the sticks. The country roads near his home were seldom traveled late at night. This allowed us time, between cars passing, to set up our prank. We stretched a single layer of plastic wrap across two trees that were on opposite sides of the road. At night, when suspended about 3 ½ feet off the ground, the plastic acts as a mirror and reflects an oncoming vehicles headlights giving of a visual effect that makes it look like another car is coming straight at you. From our hiding spot, we heard the car honking as it approached the impending thin barrier. The driver came to a stop in front of the plastic wrap and with aggravation and a few curse words, tore it down in one fell swoop.


Hilarious. Don't do that either.

[via KKTV]

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