And Now For Something Completely Different: 'King Dork' Blog Book Tour

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We almost balked at this, and then decided to go ahead with it, since Andrew Krucoff's at the NY Auto Show and once attempted to be a Mopar hipster, at which he failed miserably. To be fair, that's easier to do than most hipsters think. Nevertheless, our man A.K. managed to get an interview with Frank Portman published on Gawker regarding his new novel King Dork. Frank, of course, is the longtime frontman for the Mr. T Experience. Plus, the first time we ever wanted to kiss our ex-fianc was during a performance of "Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba" at the miniature golf course where we put a ring on her finger two years after the initial meeting.

We eventually did make out with her during said song at the Mr. T Experience's last show with bassist Joel Reader at Slim's in San Francisco (around the corner from which our Durango was stolen twice in six months). Which was also the night we first met the last girl to shatter our tender bloggin' heart. So yeah. Let's just put it this way: we met our last three ex-girlfriends at Mr. T Experience shows. The least we can do is re-proclaim our love for B.A. Baracus' van for some sort of automotive cred and lend our weight to Krucoff's cause. If we're lucky, we'll get him to coax a Jalopnik podcast from Frank relating to the book's '93 Geo Prizm.


King Dork [Young Manhattanite]; Krucoff and His Hero Discuss 'King Dork' [Gawker] Today Gawker, Tomorrow Stereogum [Dr. Frank's What's-It]

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