And Now A Message From Our Lawyer

[Every so often, Kavi Reddy, Gizmodo Media Group’s ever-so-cromulent attorney, has Good Car Takes. This is one of them.]

I don’t know anyone who has vanity license plates and I think they are a bit silly, but this weekend, I saw this Honda CR-V with plates that read “B B KING” and I got very excited.


“Do you think B.B. King could be in that car? Is Lucille with him? Wait, is B.B. King still alive?” I asked my husband. We decided this was extremely unlikely.

If I had to get a vanity license plate, I’d go with “UCNTBSRS,” but it’s already taken, maybe by my hero, John McEnroe.

What would you get as your vanity plate? What’s the best (or, let’s be real, worst) one you’ve seen?

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