Anakin Skywalker Takes Cops On Crazy Landspeeder Chase

By ‘landspeeder’ I’m referring to the wheeled type of landspeeders we tend to write about on this site a lot. Sometimes they’re called “cars.” By ‘Anakin Skywalker’ I mean the actor who played the young, larval Darth Vader, Jake Lloyd, and by ‘copsI mean real, South Carolina Sherriff’s deputies. Okay, glad that’s clear.


Here’s what happened, according to TMZ: young Anakin, now goatee’d but still looking basically the same, was driving in Charleston, SC, when Sheriff’s deputies began pursuit. It’s not yet clear why the initial pursuit started.

Jake Lloyd, possibly re-living flashbacks of his podrace scene, seems to have gone nuts and started driving recklessly and very fast, passing cars on double-yellows and taking the cops into another county.

Eventually, he lost control of the car, which ran off the road, plowing through a fence and finally stopping after impacting a few trees.

Lloyd is physically okay, but is now in police custody, about to reveal how starring as a child in the worst movie in the Star Wars series can really mess you up for life.


There’s been no official report just yet, but rumor has it that a blood test found an elevated level of midichlorians, way beyond the legal limit.

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