An R/C Car Bomb Blew Up This Real Car... And Everyone Survived

Last September, lawyer Erik Chappell and his two sons were victims of a car bomb assassination attempt driving through Monroe, Michigan. Federal authorities now believe it was an attack using an explosive device partially made from an R/C car.


After seeing this photo of their Volvo wagon, I'm amazed they all survived.

No suspects have been found in the blatant murder attempt, which shocked the community. Chappell deals with many high-profile cases and previously told The Detroit News he knew who the attempted killer was.

According to The Detroit News, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) determined that the bomb was made with pieces from remote-control toy cars.

The explosive device detonated under Chappell's Volvo. Chemists from an ATF lab analyzed debris recovered from the blast.

McCain said they have found electronic components from the toy cars - available at area hobby stores - in the debris. He declined to say whether agents believe the attacker was near the vehicle to detonate the bomb or whether there was a timed device.


From descriptions it sounds like it was a pipe bomb that used the servos or motors from an R/C car as the trigger. And this is Metro Detroit — it's not like there's a lack of folks around town with mechanical engineering experience.

Photos of the burned car and video of the aftermath show whatever was used against the Volvo had enough propellant to start a massive fire but, amazingly, not enough to kill the passengers.


Photo Credit: ATF

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