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Tuning shop GeigerCars has apparently set its sights on becoming the self-styled Hummer king of Germany. While the company's Hapsburg forebears surely rode on carriage wheels larger than 30", even the Holy Roman Emperors wouldn't have defiled the orange-and-blue Gulf LeMans livery by slapping it on a glorified Chevy. Nonetheless, the GeigerCars Hummer GT — an epic oxymoron — is Geiger's latest Hummer-based creation. Its sporting intentions are expressed through a supercharged, ECU-hacked powerplant producing 556 hp (564 ft-lbs of torque), a lowered suspension and huge brakes, including 8-piston calipers in the front. Inside, Carbondesign works up a color-coded instrument panel with multimedia and nav and TV receiver. The price? An empire-busting $168,000 buys all you survey. [Gallery]

GeigerCars Builds "World's Fastest" Hummer H2 [internal]


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