An Engine-Out Service on a Ferrari 348 Costs $25,000 Unless You Do It Yourself Like This Guy

The Ferrari 348 was a maintenance nightmare. Not like a “one or two failure-prone parts” nightmare, but a “you can make a five-part YouTube series on one regularly scheduled maintenance procedure” nightmare.


That’s exactly what Normal Guy Supercar on YouTube just did with his friend Josh’s 348. The 348 was due for its “major” service, for which Ferrari wanted a cool $25,000.

Major services in pre-360 Ferraris involved removing the engine entirely to do the timing belt and service other wear items. That Normal Guy Supercar is doing this not to save himself 25 grand but to save his friend 25 grand proves that he is both a saint and a masochist.

That’s the first video, but the whole playlist is embedded below. We recommend checking it out and confirming that, yes, owning an old supercar is a terrible financial decision.

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That will hurt resale, but if he doesn’t care then that’s a great option. Tired of people trying to keep Ferrari’s with such low miles and perfect service records that it removes some of the enjoyment of ownership.

It’s weird that Porsche’s don’t really have the same issues regarding deprecation based on miles. All cars do of course, but not as big as Ferrari’s have for miles = deprecation.