An Abandoned Iowa Raceway Is Due For A Big Comeback This Weekend

A few months ago we told you about Greenwood Roadway, a long-abandoned racing circuit in Iowa that may have inspired a Gran Turismo course. This weekend, Greenwood will be abandoned no more, and the hills around the track will be filled with the sound of screaming engines once again.

As Jordan Greer at GTPlanet wrote here in March, the former SCCA and club race track in Indianola, Iowa has been closed after encountering financial difficulties in the mid-1960s. It is still visible on Google Maps, however, and somehow may have served as the inspiration for Gran Turismo's famed "Deep Forest" circuit, with which it bears a very strong resemblance.


Tomorrow the cars come back to Greenwood with the Greenwood Revival, a festival that will include a track day, parade laps and a car show. The event promises "three historic miles of hills, turns and vintage sports cars."

Awesome. Our tipster, who is a trackside reporter for the Iowa Speedway in Newton, tells us that the race will commemorate the first event at Greenwood 50 years ago this weekend. Spectators will see a ton of vintage American and European sports cars, and former racers and race marshals will be on hand to chat as well.

Greenwood opened up in 1963, but was only in operation until 1966. Sadly, poor spectator access, insufficient seating and pavement issues doomed it to failure.


Still, it managed to host several significant racing events, including SCCA events and and one round of the United States Road Racing Championship, the predecessor to the Can-Am series, according to the event's website.

If you're in Iowa, the track is located 8.5 miles southeast of Indianola on Highway 65. We're very excited to see this happen, and if you go, you should take plenty of photos and/or videos and send them to us.


It's great to see Greenwood have its day again. Let's hope this becomes a regular event. No track should go un-raced on.

Hat tip to WoodsiesGarage!

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