Amish Horse And Buggy Pulls Off Perfect Spark-Throwing Drift

It's unlikely the driver was delivering tofu, but maybe handmade furniture

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Gif: Steve DaSilva, Funimation, ViralHog on YouTube

In Initial D, one of the core premises of the show is that the main character’s AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno is poorly suited for competition: it’s old, cheap, and underpowered. Every battle is a struggle, pitting pure driver skill against more highly-prepared machines. But what if Takumi hadn’t even had the 86? If he’d been stuck with something older, cheaper, and even more underpowered? Well, it might look a little like this Amish buggy drifting in the Pennsylvania night.

A dashcam video posted to Reddit on October 31 shows an Amish buggy masterfully sliding through a corner under cover of darkness. The following day, it was re-shared on the YouTube account ViralHog, with additional info from the dashcam’s owner:

I had just left my house, heading to Baltimore, Maryland. This happened on the road that I live on. I was going down the hill when the horse and buggy ran out in front of me and drifted around the corner. I found the guy that was driving the buggy and talked to him about it. They were getting ready for a wedding and the family was in there a while and he was hooking it up when a strap came down and hit the horse in the butt which spooked the horse. Luckily no one was hurt.


The full video doesn’t show much beyond the GIF above, but it does provide a less compressed view of the buggy’s Akina antics. For readers of true taste and culture, however, there’s a longer edit of my Initial D mashup:

While the slide may have been accidental, the buggy’s driver deserves recognition for keeping things as controlled as they were. You can’t exactly properly countersteer a vehicle whose front wheels are living animals, but this driver managed to keep the buggy (mostly) on road and shiny-side up.


Drivers across much of Pennsylvania know to keep their eyes out for horse and buggies, but few are probably expecting to come across an event like this. It just shows the benefits of dashcam ownership — maybe it’ll come to your aid in an insurance claim, or maybe you’ll just find a sick drift to post online.