AMG Can't Make Enough Silly Fast 620 Horsepower V12s

Demand for AMG’s monstrous twin-turbo V12 is so high that they are switching production to another factory.

AMG announced today that they are moving AMG’s V12 production to a regular Daimler factory in Mannheim, using the same one man/one engine production rule that has made AMG engines famous. The AMG employees at Affalterbach who used to be making V12s will now make V8s.


These V12s, I will stress once more, are utterly ridiculous engines, making nothing less than 620 horsepower and costing nothing less than $200,000. AMG debuted a new version of this V12-equipped 65 line today, with the S65 AMG Cabriolet. It’s a four-seater luxury soft top with 630 horsepower. It makes no sense. It doesn’t need to, apparently.

It’s all particularly funny because these things depreciate like you can barely believe. How is it possible that the legendary Mercedes-Benz has become the king of disposable luxury?


The luxury car market is completely beyond sanity right now.


Photo Credits: Mercedes Benz

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