America's Next Formula One Team Actually Built A Car (Update: Maybe Not)

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The announcement of Haas F1, an effort led by NASCAR mogul Gene Haas, has been met with equal amounts of excitement and skepticism. That’s because memories of the failure that was USF1 are still fresh in everyone’s mind. But, look at this: Haas F1 has actually built a car. Whoa. (Update: it might not be theirs)

The car is currently in Belgium at HaasTec and is being called a show car. That means it’s a mockup of what the real car will look like and doesn’t run, but this is still further than USF1 ever got. In fact, USF1 showed off a front wing at one point and that was it.


Showing off an entire show car is far more promising towards actually making the grid in 2016 as they promise. For those that need reminding, Haas will enter the series in 2016 with two Ferrari-powered cars with the drivers yet to be determined. There is a possibility that Haas will hire his current NASCAR driver Danica Patrick to take the seat, but that remains to be seen.

Update: Apparently this might actually be a Marussia that has been painted or a conglomeration of Ferraris. But it doesn’t appear to be an original car.

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I don’t think they built this. As is common practice with other teams, it looks like they took an old F1 car from 2012 or 2013 and gutted it and updated the nose for promo use. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something they picked up in the Marussia liquidation.