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So here I am reading through a rather lengthy debate on whether or not Amarillo is in West Texas or the Panhandle, and I wonder if it's really so hard to define a geographic region as simple as "West Texas."

I mean, defining what's in West Texas should be pretty straightforward.

  • Is it in Texas? y/n
  • Is it in the western part of Texas? y/n

That should be it.

It's never that simple, though. I grew up just outside of Sacramento and I always figured I grew up in Northern California. Once I started making regular trips up past the Redwood Curtain to the very northern reaches of the state, my home town started to seem more central than anything else. I started to understand why nobody could agree if Fresno was in NorCal or SoCal.


In any case, what geographic region in America do you think is the hardest to define?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove (West Texas, pictured)

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