But apparently its final and best iteration is back on track, reportedly after 17 years away. This is the LMP-02 version, with design work by Nigel Stroud who penned the immortal Mazda 787B. Euro trackday and testing day specialist 19Bozzy92 caught the car on camera sharing Paul Ricard circuit with a bunch of other retired race cars (the Ferrari 333 SP among them), seemingly the start of a longer return:

(Since I’m pretty sure you’ll ask about that Cadillac, that was its first outing on track after 17 years of inactivity. It had some ECU issues so it wasn’t running at its best and you’ll notice some bad misfiring sound from the twin-turbo V8. It will be ready to race again in the future) ;)


I can’t wait to see this spectacularly sisyphean car back out on track, reminding the world that there’s no good idea that GM can’t screw up.