America's Giant Robot Fighter Shows Off Its Moves

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We’ve been covering the upcoming world’s first giant robot mega-battle since American colossal-robot-fighting-suit-maker MegaBots threw their big, mechanized gauntlet down and challenged Japan’s giant fighting robot-makers to throw down back in 2015. The fight is supposed to happen next month, and now we have our first really good look at America’s Best Robot-Fighting Hope in action.

View from inside Eagle Prime
View from inside Eagle Prime

MegaBots Built an all-new robot for the fight, originally known as MegaBot Mk III, but now called Eagle Prime, which is an ideal mix of goofily earnest patriotism and a nod to well-known fictitious giant robots like the one who’s first name is Optimus.


Eagle Prime seems much more nimble and quick than the MegaBot Mk II predecessor, and boasts some new projectile weapons and a very mean-looking clawed arm.

Here, just watch:

Eagle Prime looks pretty ready for battle; we have yet to hear any recent updates from Kuratas, the Japanese challenger, so it’s hard to tell how MegaBots’ beast stacks up to the competition.

Plus, in May we learned that there is a third competitor, Monkey King from China, who’s also remained quiet.

Eagle Prime and MegaBot Mk II
Eagle Prime and MegaBot Mk II

The official date and location of the battle still hasn’t been revealed, but it has been delayed a month from the original goal of August of this year. Eagle Prime has already been shipped to the as-yet-undisclosed location. Here’s what both teams have said about the delay and the event itself:

“Due to logistical issues at the originally chosen venue, MegaBots asked to briefly postpone the Duel while it searched for a new location. A new venue was soon agreed upon, but rescheduling proved difficult for Sui dobashi Heavy Industry, so both have mutually agreed to push the Giant Robot Duel back to September. The Duel will be filmed in a private location rather than a ticketed live event because of safety concerns for the audience, and the unpredictability of the technology being used. This is the first ever Giant Robot Fight, and it’s impossible to say what will happen.

Fans will be able tto see the Giant Robot Duel on MegaBots’ YouTube and Facebook channels.”

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It’s probably smart to avoid an audience full of people for the first one of these, at least until they get an idea about the scale of the carnage.


Here’s some fun specs for Eagle Prime, in case anyone is planning a set of trading cards:

  • 12 ton weight / 16 feet tall/ 430 horsepower
  • 160 gallon per minute, 4,000 psi hydraulic system
  • 2 seats for a driver and gunner, with the ability to pilot from inside the machine or remotely
  • Modular weapons loadout that feature massive logging grapple giant claws, a 1000 lb drill, a trencher chainsaw pneumatic cannons, and more
  • Custom tank treads from Howe & Howe Technologies
  • Humanoid robot control system from IHMC Robotics

I’m really curious to see how this goes down. We’ll keep you updated!

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So, it’s like a tank on stilts, with a big grappling arm, and lots of exposed electronics and hydraulics?

I think I’d rather have an actual tank.