Americans: You Are Why R32 Skyline Prices Are Through The Roof In Japan

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Americans, we need to have a talk. Your greed is causing Japan to deal with a serious depletion of a precious resource. You’re hogging all the Skylines. That’s right, because with 1989 and 1990 Skylines now available for U.S. import, Americans are driving up the prices here at home.

London-based Harlow Jap Autos told Classic and Performance Car that U.S. demand was driving the value of these R32 Skylines “through the roof.”

We have found the early model R32’s (1989/1990) on average have doubled in value in Japan. The really clean examples have gone through the roof, and are selling for decent R34 GTR money. As the years go on we can only see the prices increasing, as the demand for them, not only in the US but elsewhere, is rapidly growing.


Harlow also said that the Skyline is hardly the only vehicle that Americans are trying to hunt down. They even mentioned an E30 M3 they kept in storage for a client until that client could actually legally import it to the United States.

Personally, I blame Doug. He’s a really bad influence on y’all. Seriously, save some Skylines for the mother country.

Image via Nissan.

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All your Skylines are belong to US.