American Truckers Could Use Super Bowl As A Kick Off For Their Own Freedom Convoy

Feds are worried truckers might travel from Los Angeles to D.C. in time for the State of the Union address

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Trucks are lined up at the Port of Los Angeles on November 24, 2021 in San Pedro, California.
Trucks are lined up at the Port of Los Angeles on November 24, 2021 in San Pedro, California.
Photo: Photo by Mario Tama (Getty Images)

The Freedom Convoy currently occupying Ottawa has sparked similar protests in cities and small towns around Canada as well as important border crossings. Rumblings that we might see such a convoy in the U.S. has Homeland Security concerned. The federal agency warned Wednesday in a bulletin that right-wing truckers might attempt to pull an Ottawa, using this weekend Super Bowl game as a kickoff for their cross-country copycat convoy.

The potential protest is described as “aspirational” in the memo from the DHS, according to NBC News:

The bulletin, which described the possible protest as “aspirational,” said the convoy could cause havoc on transportation routes to other U.S. cities.

A possible destination is Washington, where President Joe Biden is set to deliver the State of the Union address March 1, the bulletin says.

The bulletin was first reported by Yahoo News.

The warning, issued Tuesday to federal, state and local law enforcement officials, comes as a key U.S.-Canada crossing has been shut down by the “Freedom Convoy,” as the protest by hundreds of truckers and others who converged on Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is known.


What started as a cross-country convoy with the stated aims of ending COVID-19 vaccine mandates for international truck drivers in Canada has turned into a now 13 day siege of the nation’s capital. Organizers have a wide variety of demands, including but not limited to the removal of the entire government of Canada, ending all COVID-19 restrictions (many of which are providence-level restrictions, not federal), ending all vaccine mandates or health measures entirely (again, largely a providence-level grievance) and the return to work of all who have been let go for refusing the vaccine. There’s also a fair bit of conspiracy theory and white nationalism mixed in. Protesters have sported Confederate and Nazi symbols and verbally berating people of color on the streets. One prominent organizer, Patrick King, has been recorded calling COVID-19 vaccines a tool aimed at “depopulation of the Caucasian race, or the Anglo-Saxon,” according to Global News.

In other video footage, King can be seen repeating racist conspiracy theories. In one clip posted to Twitter by another user, King says “there’s an endgame, it’s called depopulation of the Caucasian race, or the Anglo-Saxon. And that’s what the goal is, is to depopulate the Anglo-Saxon race because they are the ones with the strongest bloodlines,” he said.

“It’s a depopulation of race, okay, that’s what they want to do.”

He then talks about men with the first names “Ahmed” and “Mahmoud” who he claims are trying to “not only infiltrate by flooding with refugees, we’re going to infiltrate the education systems to manipulate it” so there is “less procreation” which leads to “less white people — or you know, Anglo-Saxon. Let’s say Anglo-Saxon, because when I say white, all the ANTIFA guys call up the race card.”

I’m a little disappointed honestly. America’s main export is its culture after all. If we start imitating other country’s crazy, what do we have left? Unfortunately, a far-right American convoy would likely have a lot more support. Repeated polls show a vast majority of Canadians support public health measures and a full two-thirds of Canadians said they had very little in common with the protesters, the NYTimes reports. A vast majority of the general population of Canadians are vaccinated (80 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, compared to America’s 64.5 percent) and of the 120,000 Canadian truckers who drive across the border, only 12,000 remain unvaccinated. Meanwhile, we have American governors and sitting members of Congress cheering the convoy on.

Considering Trump flags have been spotted in the Canadian convoy and donations from the U.S. to the Freedom Convoy’s GoFundMe raised quite a few eyebrows, it seems like only a matter of time before D.C. police come face to face with the rioting right again.