American Motors Corporation Is Back? No, Not Really

The guys all about the Rods that are quite Hot have an absolutely enthralling report in their April magazine that AMC is back and will be looking to:

"create a full-scale racing program to encompass NASCAR, Drag racing, IMSA, and reportedly, a highly modified Javelin for Pikes Peak this July... and possibly by 2010, at the Baja 1000, to celebrate the '67 baja run of Spence Murray and Ralph Poole, in a virtually stock Rambler."


So how the hell did this happen?

Supposedly, as Hot Rod tells the story,

"...ten years ago, a multimillionaire vintage AMC enthusiast tried to acquire one of the six remaining AMX/3 mid-engine prototype sports cars for his personal collection. He was told none were for sale at any price, so our mystery mogul decided to do the next best thing — he built his own. In the course of designing...the plan changed from a copy of an AMX/3 to a totally new, updated modern AMX/4."

But wait — that's only one car — oh wait, there's more:

"Here's where things get interesting. In sensing a potential market for this new sports/GT with other enthusiasts, the idea was hatched to build these cars in series. Then the discussion turned to...wouldn't it be cool to bring back the whole company instead of one AMC model?"


Wow, wouldn't all of this be amazing? Especially if it were true. Because in reality it's all an April Fool's Day joke — check out the tiny print above. Haha, screw you Hot Rod readers!

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