American Hot Rod Star Arrested For Drunk Driving Crash In '32 Ford

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This immaculate ‘32 Ford ended up bashed in, TMZ reports because its driver, American Hot Rod star Duane Mayer, got so drunk he fell out of the driver’s seat while the car was doing 25 miles an hour.

Anaheim Police Department confirmed to Jalopnik that the driver and suspect in this case was Duane Mayer. Moreover, they were able to confirm that he was arrested and booked for misdemeanor driving while under the influence of alcohol.


Anaheim police posted these pictures of the hot rod at the start of this year on Facebook with the following caption:

Always designate a driver when drinking.

This is a New Year’s Day DUI crash from last night on Weir Canyon. Don’t drink and drive.


Only yesterday, however, did TMZ get pictures of the hospitalized driver, none other than reality TV star and builder of ZZ Top’s famous CadZZilla, Duane Mayer. They also reported that it was the police who stated that Mayer fell out of the car while it was moving.

It’s a reminder that even the best cars and most looked-up-to drivers can be undone by a drunk driver.


Photo Credits: Anaheim Police Department

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