American Drivers Hate Tailgaters And Left Lane Hoggers

Everyone has their pet peeves. Unsurprisingly, two are shared by a lot of American drivers: Tailgating and left lane hogging. There's no word on if the people who hate tailgating are left lane hoggers.

According to the survey, 53 percent of drivers polled can't stand it when people are tailgating them and 47 percent say left lane hoggers drive them up the wall.


Judging by my time in a car, those numbers might be slightly off. If that many people hated left lane hogging, why are so many people still in the left lane? And if they hate it when people tailgate, why aren't those left lane hoggers getting out of the way when a faster car starts riding their ass?

It must be because there's no overlap in the groups. The people who hate tailgating don't hang out in the left lane and the people who hang out in the left lane don't mind tailgaters. The math adds to 100 percent, so it checks out perfectly.

Hilarious/terrible stock photo via Shutterstock

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