American Airlines Flight Attendant Rants To Passengers About Plane Crash

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Passengers on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Chicago were about to take off when an angry flight attended started screaming about the plane crashing. The crew and passengers had to restrain the woman. Welcome to your new flying nightmare.

Plane crashes are rare, but I'd expect most people have a secret fear when they get into a plane that they're going to be the unlucky ones. This fear drives people to look for signs (weird noises, bumpy takeoffs, old plane) that they're doomed.

You know what's a big sign? A flight attendant on your taxiing plane screaming about crashing. According to Unfair Park, the flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 2332 came on the PA and told passengers they wouldn't take off because of a technical difficulty.


Another attendant came on to assure passengers they were ok. Then it gets crazy. The passengers get understandably upset at the apparently "off her meds" stewardess and eventually the crew and passengers have to restrain the screaming crew member. Here's a report from Twitter user Sean Tabbert, who was onboard with his kids.


A crew member was possibly injured in the melee and the staff of the flight was changed. We're sure more updates will come, outlining just what happened.