America Is Where Eagles Dared

The 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse was a damn import taking American jobs. The 1994 Eagle Talon was a Mitsubishi Eclipse built in Illinois by Diamond-Star Motors. That was different, obviously, as Regular Car Reviews explains.

In never ceases to amaze me how far car companies can go to badge engineer the crap out of a platform in the name of manufacturing cost and tax optimization. I mean, by the time the Mitsubishi Eclipse was turned into a Eagle Talon, the car was emitting bald eagle poop instead of toxic Japanese gases, that’s for sure.


Then again, these weren’t terrible cars. Not at all. Also, this generation is the pre-Fast and Furious car, and if you were fast enough, you could get the one with the pop up headlamps. Seriously!

Funny enough, there’s a 1994 Eagle Talon 2.0 ESI automatic for sale in Hungary right now for about 2,000 Euros. Yeah, I’m not going to, don’t worry.

Photo credit: Playboy via Frank Deanrdo


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