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America Is Finally Getting a Limited Production Subaru WRX STI With More Power

Gif: Subaru

After watching all 450 examples of the Subaru WRX STI 208 sell off to the lucky enthusiasts of Japan, America will finally get its own limited production version, creatively named the WRX STI S209.


Subaru has dropped a teaser video of the special S209 ahead of an expected full reveal at the Detroit Auto Show next month, following AutoGuide reporting that such a car was indeed coming stateside just a few days ago.

If the S209 is anything like the 208 that Japan got last year, then it should come with around 14 more horsepower and 24 more lb-ft of torque than the standard STI, which has 310 hp and 295 lb-ft.


Japan’s 208 also got 19-inch BBS wheels, a carbon fiber roof panel and some carbon exterior trim, adjustable dampers, a different rear wing and a quicker steering rack. Since there was only 450 examples of the previous limited car, you can wager Subaru will offer around the same amount, if not a few more to us Americans.

I hope the wing is even bigger than what’s shown in the video.

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What the hell is Subaru waiting for? How many special editions have the put out now in the last 10 years that have had <10% more power? Just feels like they’re not even trying anymore, or don’t see the need to remain competitive in the power segment. Sure, these cars can be a lot of fun to drive as they are, but they’re losing buyers simply because 300hp just isn’t that much anymore.